Hi! I’m Ellie, a 20-something-year-old aspiring food photographer and blogger. My passion for food and nutrition led me to getting a Bachelor’s in Nutrition and Dietetics from the University of California, Berkeley. I love learning about the science behind food and how it plays into our health, and after graduating in 2018 I decided to put my knowledge and passion for food into something more creative.

Near the end of 2017, I bought my first DSLR (a Nikon D3300) with a sudden desire to take aesthetic photos of food. In particular, I wanted to show off the healthy meals I eat, but I didn’t want them to look “healthy” necessarily. My goal is to show people that eating healthy does not have to be boring and bland! Although the first few months of my amateur photos weren’t all that appetizing, with lots of learning and practice, I’ve gradually started to develop my own style.Β 

Being somewhat of a perfectionist, I can always find something wrong with a photo — props I should have added or not angled quite right, food I should have brushed with oil to give a little shine, too much shadow or not quite enough — the list can go on and on. However, I think as a photographer/creative, it’s important to be your own harshest critic as it pushes you to do better next time and learn from your mistakes. That being said, it’s not like I’m creating images that I think are horrible. There’s always room for improvement, but I also take pride in my work and the progress I’ve made so far. So maybe not all of my photos appeal to you, but if even just one of them catches your eye and makes you stop scrolling for a second, that’s an accomplishment to me.

If you do like my photos/recipes or want to work with me, please fill out a contact form and I’ll get back to you ASAP! Thank you for stopping by and I hope you were able to learn a little bit more about me πŸ™‚