Hello! Welcome to Ellie Likes Cooking, a blog about food – mainly original recipes, some recipe reviews, and food from my travels (which have been on pause since COVID).

What you can expect here: Lots of delicious plant-based recipes! 
In particular:

  • Japanese and Asian-inspired dishes
  • veganized dishes from my childhood
  • healthier sweet treats (mainly reduced sugar because I have a sensitive sweet tooth)
  • sometimes gluten-free
  • boyfriend-approved!

While I hope you’ll find some new go-to dishes, I also hope to inspire you to be more creative in the kitchen and play around with your own recipes! Everyone’s taste buds are different, so you don’t need to follow each recipe to a tee (although when baking is involved, I do recommend you at least follow the recipe the first time around before playing with it). With cooking, you can taste and adjust ingredients as you go. Trust your taste buds, they know what you like. My hope is for you to be able to use my recipes as inspiration, maybe discover a new dish or combo and then adjust it to your preferences. You don’t have to be professionally trained in order to make tasty home cooked meals!

A little about me

I’m a passionate self-taught food photographer and recipe creator. I’ve been making messes in the kitchen since I was 12, and 10 years later, after finishing university, I decided to trade in my Nutrition degree for a camera and a kitchen. I love making simple, feel-good recipes that don’t compromise on taste or nutrition. I focus on plant-based recipes as my diet is 98% plant-based (on certain occasions I may eat eggs or seafood), and I believe incorporating more plant-based meals in one’s diet is (for a generally healthy person) beneficial to their health and the environment.

When I’m not dirtying dishes in the kitchen or editing photos on my computer, you’ll most likely find me outside on a walk, run, or hike, breathing in some fresh air to remind myself there is a world outside of my computer (and kitchen). I also enjoy watching tv and playing video games at night to unwind from the day.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you find a recipe you like and come back for more 🙂

Want to work together?

Check out my portfolio and fill out the contact form, or email me directly at [email protected]. I accept requests for food photography, recipe development, sponsored posts and brand partnerships. (You can read more about this on the about page of my portfolio.)